Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Zoe and Zak Ghost Leopard

This book is an amazing read. Zoe has lots of personality and is really fun to read about. I had a lot of fun learning about Indian mythology as Zoe did. The Ghost Leopard is well written and I enjoyed reading about Zoe and Zak. They had some amazing adventures. Zoe acted very realistically in relation to her age.

I am not familar with India and Hindu myths, so I enjoyed reading about the different gods. The description of the various locations, especially the Himalyas make me want to travel there. So I feel the book did a great job with making me feel like I was there.  I think that young people should enjoy reading this series. It is perfect for readers who like a strong female protagonist.

I also had the opportunity to listen to the audio-book version. I enjoyed it. Although, I prefer to read a physical copy because I get distracted with just an audio version. However, it was lovely to listen too and I could listen to it and hang out with my kiddos and do what I need to do.

4 stars

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