Friday, March 20, 2015

Reality Natalie

Reality Natalie is a cute, quirky novel that bought me back to childhood. The themes of friendship, loyalty and honesty ring true without feeling forced. The world-building was apt. I felt like I was part of Natalie's class. The novel was the perfect length and I enjoyed the conclusion. It well suited for middle grade readers and adult who enjoy children's fiction. As well, the title is a good choice~

The characters are very well developed. Natalie is someone young girls can relate to and she acts her age. She is full 0f humor. Also, by the end of the novel- she has grown a lot as a person. She makes mistakes and learns from them!I believe she has similar experiences to kids her age. Problems with friends and wrongly communicating with your family is common when you are growing up.Her friends round out her character. 

Kailyn is extroverted and competitive. She did annoy me slightly due to her flippant and competitive nature. I did find myself rooting for Nat probably because I relate to her. Although. I do think Kailyn is a nice person-she gets caught up in her'persona'. She also redeems herself at the end.

I also really like Natalie's parents. They let her learn from her mistakes-without humiliating her. Also, they are positive role models. They showed Nat the importance of your faimly and facing your problems and fears.

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