Sunday, January 4, 2015

Devil's Music Revieew

Devil's Music is a wild ride. It was not what I was expecting~ And that is the best thing about it~ A little about the main ccharacter Cain is a demon controlled by his master His master sends him on a mission and he learns some interesting details about himself. He has forgotten his past, which is actually kind of epic. He is very fascinating and therefore not human. He not the demon you'd expect though. He is a very sweet guy. Some would argue that he doesn't stand up for himself enough. However, I feel he comes into his own.
I couldn't stand Cain's master's son. What a boring character.

I loved the "love interest" Michelle. She had a lot of ppersonalityand was more suited to Cain then to his master's son. Although Cain might disagree at first.
Also, I found the story a to be well written and full of detail.\\I thought it was very interesting to have been  based around music in 1980'a.  Now, I was born at the end of the 80's so I don't remember much personally. However,  I love music from the 80's and metal in particular has always spoken  to me. The idea of metal being satanic is just silly- however, I like the play in this story as well as the awesome title.

The end of Devils' Music was not what I anticipated. it was definitely dark and worrisome!~ I cannot  wait to read more from this author. She is very talented about making you care about the characters, even the arrogant ones like Vincent Sweet.  I also liked that Cain Pueudomantis was an enigmatic character.  He had depth and truly cared for his friends, Michelle and Steve and of course his band mates.

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