Saturday, April 12, 2014

Autism Breakthrough -Review

As April 2nd was World Autism Day, I think it is important to highlight the fact that children on the spectrum are beautiful people who experience life differently. 


Autism Breakthrough is the story of a man diagnosed as Autistic as a child but after years, his parents were able to reverse the diagnosis. This led to the development of the Son- Rise Program and a phenomenal new way to look at Autism.  Many people view an Autism diagnosis as set in stone. However, it is possible that you can ease or even reverse the diagnosis. of course, this doesn't always work. Still, this kind of knowledge is a huge step forward. This is an amazing story that shows how believing in someone can make a huge difference. The techniques are amazing and a new way to help kids. I think it is an improvement on the old paradigm. (which really ignored why kids with Autism were experiencing certain behaviours). 

There is such a positive message through this book. It uses groundbreaking research and real life experience. Is the author biased? Perhaps a little. However, he is the living embodiment of the program. He is also very honest in each chapter. I truly recommend this book to any parent and caregiver. It gives you such a deep understanding of Autism.

5 Stars! 

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